Our works

We offer complete solutions from the initial idea to production, installation and maintenance. Our product range is wide and varied – we produce different illuminated boxes and letters, advertising poles, signs and labels, stickers and vinyl works as well as custom solutions for fairs, museums and different events.

Each project is a tailored solution, created in cooperation with the client and taking into account the goal and character of the project. We start each project with a planning process, where we discuss the goals and needs of the client. Planning is followed by creating a design for the solution and sketching blueprints based on the requests discussed in the planning phase and the creative vision of the design team.

After confirming the design, we choose the materials for each separate project and create detailed construction blueprints. An exact model and blueprints are crucial parts of the construction, ensuring the stability and efficiency of the construction before the manufacturing process. We then begin producing the ad solution and carry out quality assessment after each production phase to ensure compatibility with necessary requirements and the scope of the project.

In installing the produced ad solutions, we use our own trusted partners in installation, who are experienced in installing illuminated ads on all kinds of buildings as well as roofs. We also carry out maintenance and repair works to ensure the quality and efficiency of the solution.